Premade Edition Eyelashes - 20 lines 9D 0.05

The Premade Edition’s pre-fanned lashes are made by hand, one by one, using the latest heat-sealing technique, which is why they are also called Promade lashes.

The eyelashes in the Premade Edition collection are black, thanks to the use of different materials, but not as strong and deep black as the Dramatic Look collection, for a striking but more natural effect. If your client prefers a softer, more natural look, this is the right choice.

Promade is short for professionally made and premade is short for prepared in advance. Thanks to this process, each fan is symmetrical and indistinguishable from the traditionally fanned fans.

Why is it worth using pre/promade eyelashes?

Because you can make significant time savings without compromising on quality.

This means:

  • A volume set takes the same time as a classic 1D set
  • You can provide a more convenient, faster service to the clients
  • You can schedule more clients in the remaining free time, but you can also use it for relaxation and other activities
  • Moreover, if you can’t yet make perfectly symmetrical fans, you don’t have to give up sculpting volume sets while you practice.

 Also recommended for beginners. If you’re not yet confident building volume sets or can’t create perfectly symmetrical fans, feel free to give it a try.

The Premade lash collections have been designed to make the picking up and fitting of
fans as easy as possible. Build Russian volume or hybrid sets quickly and easily!

Natural effect and mesmerizing look in less time. Your clients will love it! 

How many fans are on the trays?

Medium open:

2D - 1200 fans/tray
3D - 1000 fans/tray
4D - 760 fans/tray
5D/6D - 600 fans/tray


3D - 1200 fans/tray
4D/5D/6D - 900 fans/tray
7D/8D - 720 fans/tray
9D - 680 fans/tray 

20 lines Mix 7-9 mm: 5x7mm, 5x8mm, 10x9mm
20 lines Mix 7-13 mm: 2x7mm, 3x8mm, 3x9mm, 4x10mm, 4x11mm, 3x12mm, 1x13mm
20 lines Mix 9-12 mm: 3x9mm, 7x10mm, 7x11mm, 3x12mm
20 lines Mix 12-14 mm: 10x12mm, 5x13mm, 5x14mm

Natural effect and mesmerizing look in less time. Your clients will love it! 

Material: PBT


Fan type: Closed


Curve: C


Lenght: Mix 8-10 mm

Mix 8-10 mm
Mix 8-14 mm
Mix 9-12 mm
Mix 12-14 mm
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