Thick and long eyelashes, naturally.

Eyelash lifting is a unique technique with which you can create long-lasting, beautifully curved, natural-looking eyelashes. It will surely be one of the most sought-after services among your guests!
 Dús és hosszú szempillák, természetesen
A szempilla lifting egy egyedülálló technika, amellyel hosszan tartó,
gyönyörűen ívelt, természetes hatású szempillákat készíthetsz.
Garantáltan az egyik legkeresettebb szolgáltatás lesz vendégeid körében!

A captivating gaze without false eyelashes.

Eyelash lifting, in contrast to traditional perming, doesn't curl but rather lifts the lashes at the base, emphasizing their full length and beauty. This process optically enhances, slightly thickens, and lengthens the lashes. 

 Best Lashes Professional's unique lifting system provides not just a curve, but a lifting effect that lasts for several weeks. Lashes lifted with our system can also be tinted and mascara can be applied. 

 We recommend this to clients who, for some reason, cannot or do not wish to wear lash extensions but still yearn for more curved lashes. It's perfectly suited for visually opening an eye appearance that's made to look closed by drooping eyelids.


• Beautiful gaze that lasts long, up to 6-8 weeks
• Natural effect
• No need for lash extensions
• Safe for eyes and lashes
• Suitable for continuous use
• Optically enhances, slightly volumizes, and lengthens your own lashes

experts in eyelash lifting

Best Lashes Professional introduced the eyelash lifting treatment to the Hungarian market before anyone else, and its popularity has been dynamically increasing ever since. 

With the continuous development of our eyelash lifting product range and the introduction of the latest innovations, we ensure top quality for you. This enables you to deliver perfect results and make your beauty salon truly successful.


Our dedicated team with years of experience has curated a selection of products specifically designed and developed for the eyelash lifting technique. Within our extensive product range, you'll find nourishing serums enriched with superior active ingredients, keratin, and vitamins to cater to all needs, as well as the extra-strong eyelash lifting adhesive


Where are the Best Lashes Professional eyelash lifting products sourced from?
The eyelash lifting products are manufactured within the European Union and comply with all current regulations. Not only are they registered with CPNP, but they also come with a Product Information Document (TID) specifically prepared for Best Beauty Kft. Therefore, every professional can confidently stock them in their beauty salon.
Do the products come with an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)?
Most of the tools used for eyelash lifting are cosmetic products, so they do not require an MSDS. The exception to this is the adhesive, for which we can provide a safety data sheet upon request to our customers at any time.
Are the products self-developed?
In the production of Best Lashes Professional products, we maintain a close relationship with our manufacturing partners. Additionally, we produce many products based on completely unique and proprietary formulations, ensuring the highest quality for our customers. We place great emphasis on continuous product development and monitoring. As such, we have been particularly selective in choosing our manufacturing partners. Furthermore, we make regular visits to our manufacturing partners whenever possible, which results in maintaining premium quality.
Can natural eyelashes be tinted during the treatment?
Yes, they can be tinted without any issues. During our eyelash lifting training, we place a strong emphasis on teaching the rules of tinting, as the sequence in which the tint is applied matters significantly.
When choosing a lifting adhesive from the many available on the market, what should one pay attention to in order to select a truly good one?
The quality of lifting adhesives can be determined immediately upon first use. If the eyelashes are very difficult or almost impossible to adhere to the silicone pad (even after proper preparation and using a clean silicone pad), it indicates that the adhesive is of poor quality. In such cases, it's worth considering a change. However, it's important to note that strongly downward-growing, straight, or thick eyelashes can be more challenging and time-consuming to brush and adhere with any adhesive, compared to thinner lashes. At Best Lashes Professional, we underwent years of testing before we settled on the top-quality adhesive we currently offer.
How to choose the right silicone pad for eyelash lifting?
Silicone pads come in five different sizes: S, M, M1, M2, and L pads. 
S size: Recommended for shorter eyelashes or medium-length lashes that grow downwards. This size is also useful if you're aiming for a more dramatic effect.
M size: Suitable for shorter to medium-length lashes that have a slight curve.
M1 size: Designed for medium-length lashes. 
M2 size: This pad is ideal for medium to slightly longer lashes.
L size: Use this for extra-long lashes or if you're aiming for a more natural effect.

Detailed information regarding the selection of silicone pads can be obtained during the eyelash lifting training course. By taking this course, not only will you become knowledgeable in the technique, but you'll also avoid potential inconveniences or mistakes in the process.
If the tips of the eyelashes curl inward or look like they've been "burned" after an eyelash lift, it's not normal and indicates that there might have been an error during the treatment.
During the initial steps of an eyelash lift (Step 1 - curling cream, Step 2 - fixing cream), a creamy substance is applied to the lashes that have been combed onto the silicone pad. A common mistake is applying this substance to the entire length of the eyelash. To execute the procedure correctly without causing damage: Apply the creams only up to halfway of the lashes. Since the effect of the creams is fully developed, there's no need to burden the tips of the lashes with the substance. Especially given that the tips of the lashes are thinner, keeping the product on for too long can damage the lashes. To prevent such issues, it's essential to ensure proper training and careful application during the lifting process.
The eyelash became too curved, almost coiled throughout, even though I only applied the active ingredients halfway up. What did I do wrong?
In this case, it's not just the tips of the lashes that have curled, but the entire lash appears as if it has coiled, resulting in an unattractive, overly curled, lifted effect. The reason for this is that the active ingredient was left on the lashes for too long. It's essential to adhere strictly to the duration indicated on the packaging. Failing to do so can damage the lashes.