Laminator Eyelash Lifting Brush

The Laminator brush represents an innovative development in eyelash lifting, enabling you to shape the eyelashes like never before.

Characterized by a unique shape and an extremely dense and thick head, the Laminator eyelash lifting brush allows you to shape and direct the eyelashes in the desired direction with easy movements in just a few minutes.

Moreover, thanks to the extremely dense and thick head, you can perfectly separate the eyelash strands from each other in one movement.

It also removes excess glue from the lashes, so you only need to use as much as necessary. The Laminator eyelash lifting brush works excellently with both traditional and balm consistency adhesives.

It's a true multifunctional piece, enabling you to perform several steps of the eyelash lifting process with one tool: from applying the adhesive to combing on the silicone pad to setting the perfect shape.

The Laminator eyelash lifting brush will become your favorite in an instant!

Since the brush head is very dense, it does not cause a pulling sensation while combing and shaping the eyelashes, thus providing a much more comfortable and pleasant feeling for the client.

With the Laminator, it's advisable to use softer and smaller movements, as the dense and thick head allows you to immediately comb the lashes into the desired place.

It can be used multiple times after thorough disinfection and cleaning.

How to use it?

  • Place the silicone pad on the upper eyelid, then gently pull towards yourself so that the eyelash roots become visible.
  • Apply enough traditional or balm consistency eyelash lifting adhesive to the brush and with small movements, apply it to the eyelashes, then comb the lashes up onto the silicone pad.
  • With the comb, you can nicely shape 3-4 eyelash strands at a time, moving from the inner corner of the eye towards the outer corner.
  • To separate the eyelash strands, use the top corner of the Laminator brush, and for combing onto the silicone pad, use the top.

Best Lashes Pro Tip: While "Y" combs and Eyelash Lifting tools require larger movements, the Laminator eyelash lifting brush requires finer and smaller movements.

Designed for professional use!

Material: Wood, aluminium, and synthetic fiber
Size: 18 cm long


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