Eyelash Lifting Glue

Are you looking for a glue that keeps the eyelash lifting silicone pad and the eyelashes themselves in place while you work?

We have fantastic news! You have found it!

The long work of testing and development has finally bore its fruit. The adhesion of the eyelash lifting glue has never been so strong, yet it is still very gentle to the skin, so you can use it even for your clients with very sensitive skin.

Two in one effect: not only does it keep the eyelashes firmly on the lifting pad, but it also prevents the silicone pad from moving on the eyelid.

Packaging: 5 ml

Place of origin: EU

How to use

As a first step of the eyelash lifting treatment, apply a small amount of glue to the back of the silicone pad with the end of the glue brush, and secure the tool to the client’s eyelid. Next, brush the eyelashes onto the working surface of the silicone pad, coat the surface with glue and comb the lashes onto the pad.  To move the eyelashes in the proper direction, you can use the Y comb and the metal lifting tool as well. Work in small sections, and make sure not to put too much glue on the hair strands at once. The strong fixing effect of the glue is very quick, so be as quick and precise as you can.

Why you should choose this?

Make your job easier during eyelash lifting and set the eyelashes in place with the glue. During the eyelash lifting treatment, it is indispensable to use a good quality glue and work with a proper technique. This is the step which decides the quality of the eyelashes after the treatment.


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