Eyelash Lifting Fixing Tape

Have you ever experienced during an eyelash lifting treatment that no matter how thoroughly you combed the lashes onto the silicone pad, they still started to peel off after a while?

Here’s the solution: the eyelash lifting fixing tape.

Did you know? Eyelash lifting and eyelash filler products are water-based, which can quickly solve the eyelash lifting glue. Because of this, eyelashes do not adhere to the eyelash lifting silicone pad after a while.

Use the eyelash lifting fixing tape and forget the peel-off eyelashes!

The product is designed exactly to ensure that the eyelashes adhere perfectly to the lifting pad during the lifting treatment, so that the lifting effect would be absolute and beautiful.


How to use

After the application of the lifting active ingredient, place the tape on the base of the eyelashes as shown on the image. Leave the tape on until the end of the treatment. After use, wash it thoroughly with warm water, wipe it dry, then disinfect it. Do not let the disinfectant on the tape longer than the recommended development time. Wash it and wipe it dry to avoid discolouration and deformation.

Why you should choose this?

The tape is elastic, so it perfectly adjusts to the eyelash lifting silicone pad. It’s really easy and safe to use with any other eyelash lifting or eyelash filler products. Easy to clean, you can use this environmentally friendly solution multiple times.


Color: Transparent sparkly

Transparent sparkly
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