Eyelash Lifting Curling Cream

Our curling cream that comes in a sachet is an upgraded version, as gentle to the natural eyelashes as possible. If the development time is precisely respected, you can make beautifully lifted and curled eyelashes with it.

A well-thought-out product family, impressive results.

Best Lashes Professional’s Eyelash Lifting products ensure that you can gently lift your clients’ lashes and reach a long-lasting effect. The Eyelash Lifting Curling Cream’s active ingredient opens the structure of the eyelashes, so they become easily mouldable and soft for the next steps.

It makes the process of eyelash lifting a true experience.

You can learn how to use the product on our course.

1.5 ml/sachet

1 sachet contains cream enough for 5-10 treatments.

Place of origin: EU

How to use

Fix the eyelashes onto the silicone pads with eyelash lifting glue, then apply the Curling Cream in unified quantity and thickness. Make sure that the active ingredient coats the lashes from their base to their middle part. After the development time has ended, ensure the proper effect, then remove it from the surface and wipe it dry with an applicator or with a Q-tip.


Packaging: 5 pcs

5 pcs
10 pcs
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