Wooden Applicator Swabs

Is it important for you to make place for environmentally friendly tools in your beauty salon? The handle of this applicator swab is made of 100% natural material: wood, which is biodegradable after use. In this way, it is a perfect environmentally friendly alternative.

Thanks to the wooden handle, it doesn’t slip, so you can grasp it firmly during pre- and aftercare as well.

It is budget friendly: you won’t waste any of the liquids used during eyelash and eyebrow styling techniques, because it absorbs just the right amount of material.

The head of the wooden handle applicator swab does not unravel during use.

It is a handy tool during henna eyebrow styling:

  • you can easily adjust the applied henna tint;
  • just moisten the wooden stab to remove the unwanted tint;
  • you can draw a firmer line;
  • it helps the precise workflow;
  • you can remove excess material with millimetre precision;
  • it is useful for ombre tinting techniques, when designing the colour transition.

Length: 70 mm

The packaging contains 90 pcs of application swabs.


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