Wispy Premade Eyelashes 20 lines 5D 0.07

Hollywood lashes in professional Premade quality!

The Premade Edition Wispy lash collection has been developed for the special KimK lash styling technique, where you can create a uniquely lush set for smaller, exotic-eyed clients with deeper-set eyes, but of course it's a good choice for anyone who likes a special effect.

The Wispy Premade lash collection provides a textured look. The fans are made by hand, with a spike incorporated during the heat-sealing process to achieve the Wispy or KimK (Kim Kardashian) effect.

Finally, you don't have to give up this technique, you can recommend it to your clients.

The Premade Edition's pre-fanned lashes are made by hand, one by one, using the latest heat-sealing technique, which is why they are also called Promade lashes.

Promade is short for professionally made and premade is short for prepared in advance. Thanks to this process, each fan is symmetrical and indistinguishable from the traditionally fanned fans.

The Premade lash collections have been designed to make the picking up and fitting of fans as easy as possible.

Build Russian volume or hybrid sets quickly and easily!

How many fans are on the trays?

5D/7D - 600 fans/tray
20 lines Mix 8-13 mm: 2x8mm, 3x9mm, 5x10mm, 5x11mm, 3x12mm, 2x13mm

Material: PBT


Curve: D


Lenght: Mix 8-13 mm

Mix 8-13 mm
Mix 8-14 mm
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