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A New Dawn in Lash Extensions With the Premium Mink Edition

Create a flawless transition from natural lash to synthetic with our glossiest, softest, and densest lashes of all.

We are ecstatic to unveil our ultimate Premium Mink Edition, an iconic collection of pro premium mink eyelash extensions designed to reveal the most dramatic glam without looking plasticky. 

With a glossy, silky sheen and our deepest black colour yet, these high-density lashes are just as soft as they are durable. Lightweight yet heavy-duty, the Premium Mink Edition features a short taper to end each lash with the most natural tip possible.

What To Look Forward To?

Silky Sheen
Every client dreams of glossy lashes that shimmer gently in the sun, without appearing plastic. This is exactly what the Premium Mink Edition accomplishes.

Deepest Black Hue
A deep, jet-black pigment brings out the brightness and whiteness of the eyes to create a more attractive aesthetic in your clients. No bluish or greenish undertones, guaranteed.

Short Taper
A short yet striking taper ensures the lashes carry a more authentic appeal, with no noticeable distinction between the natural lashes and their synthetic counterpart.

Paper Foil
Aluminium foil is the best choice for glue palettes, ensuring a residue-free session and easier clean-up after the treatment.

Premium Fibre
Every strand in your premium lash tray is forged by master craftspeople. These skilled industry experts use the finest Korean PBT fibre to bring you a lightweight, flexible, and hypoallergenic lash collection.

Each cruelty-free Premium Mink lash is made using first-rate synthetic materials. Ideal for experienced lash technicians looking to streamline treatments while strengthening their competitive edge.

3mm Brown Glue Tape
Ideal for professional lash artists who prefer the Lonely Fan and Flower Bouquet techniques, our Brown Glue Tape offers a less sticky bond than its Yellow or Orange counterpart, without compromising adhesivity.

Why Beauticians Love This Collection?

Your experience with Best Lash Professional’s Premium Mink Collection begins well before you open the box. We’ve dedicated countless hours into conceptualising and accomplishing truly ground-breaking packaging that is better for you and the Earth. A magnet-free design reduces your carbon footprint, and once you open the box, you’ll discover a stunning assortment of either 8 or 16 lines of pro premium mink eyelash extensions.

✅ 0% Latex or Formaldehyde
From manufacturing to packaging to each lash in the box, our Premium Mink Edition contains 100% formaldehyde-free and latex-free strands. Reduce the risk of allergies in clients while ensuring a gentler alternative for people with sensitive eyes and skin.

✅ Consistent Sizing
All lashes boast the same length per strip for your convenience.

✅ Non-Stick
No kinks, no knots, no sticking. An innovative design means individual strands will never conflict with their neighbours when you remove one from the pack.

✅ Variety
The Premium Mink Edition of our premium lash trays is available in sets of 8 or 16.

✅ Mind the Gap
Invest in ultra-dense lashes that ensure no gaps, producing an aesthetically pleasing look.

Tips and Trick for Best Use

We made sure that the Premium Mink Edition of our eyelash range offers the perfect curl in line with high lash industry standards as outlined by revered experts. As an example, the C curl in each collection shares the identical curvature. However, we encourage you to mix and match C, CC, D curls create your desired aesthetic.

Let’s Talk Tech Technical Features You Need To Know

Korean PBT Fibre
After deep research and analysis, we chose Korean PBT fibre for our premium lash trays for its ability to create a glossy sheen and natural finish that doesn’t lose its curl. As a naturally hypoallergenic material, PBT significantly lowers the risk of allergic reactions in human skin. This prime raw material is much higher quality than many other lash fabrics on the market, while also eliminating the presence of formaldehyde and latex. PBT also holds heat better and is less likely to become rigid and snap off. It bonds better with glue tape and is naturally soft and highly flexible.

Quality Control
Rest assured that every strand in your Premium Mink lash collection is subjected to the strictest quality control measures. Each pro premium mink eyelash extension is meticulously inspected for non-negotiable consistency in thickness, length, and curl. Our production line is continuously monitored by skilled professionals as each eyelash is delicately crafted by hand. We demand perfection in every lash we present to our customers, which is why we have implemented such a stringent quality control ecosystem. If the lashes don’t meet your standards, they don’t meet ours.

WOW Your Clients, the Best Lashes Pro Way
100s of lash artists are already using the Premium Mink Edition premium lash tray, and it isn’t hard to see why. Be a trend-setter in the industry by bringing this iconic collection of premium synthetic lashes into your studio today.


Curve: C


Length: 7 mm

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