The Glue Lock

Have you ever been annoyed that your carefully crafted lash fans are shrinking from the glue run up?

Would you get rid of this problem once and for all?
We have fantastic news! The Glue Lock can do just that, so it’s guaranteed to be stylists’ favourite! 

How does it work?

The Glue Lock prevents the glue from running up on the lash fan, so the lashes won’t curl up when using it. Can be used with any glue.

Thanks to its renewed, hygienic packaging, you can use it every day without any problems.

How to use:

Before sculpting the set, drip the product on an applicator swab and draw a 1 mm wide line along the lashes on the adhesive tape where you don’t want the glue to go (1-2 mm from the tip of the fan), then continue as usual.

Best Lashes Pro Tip: If the temperature is no higher than 22 °C, use the product twice a day. If it’s warmer than 22 °C, you may need to reapply several times, depending on when the fans start to close more than wanted.

For professional use only. Keep out of reach of children.


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