ProPeel Liquid Exfoliant

Designed especially for the Best Brows Pro hennas, this is a preparing liquid created according to a unique formulation, used on the eyebrow area to remove dead skin cells and degrease. This liquid contributes to an even more durable eyebrow tinting.

 It has a gentle exfoliating effect, so after its use, sunlight shouldn’t be a problem for your clients.

ProPeel does not react with henna, so the result will not differ from the expected colour.

A small amount is enough. Even with frequent use, 1 bottle can last about 2-3 months.

Recommended for professional use.

Packaging: 50 ml

How to use

After you cleaned the eyebrows, rub a small amount of the ProPeel liquid with an applicator stick in a circular motion over the area to be tinted, both to the skin and to the hair strands. Make sure that the liquid is absorbed before you start tinting. You don’t need to remove the liquid before tinting.

The ProPeel liquid exfoliant is going to be your useful companion.

This exfoliant prepares and degreases skin surface and removes dead skin cells, so you can tint more evenly, vibrantly and permanently on both the eyebrow hair strands and the skin.

Use it to ensure that you avoid possible staining and get a rich, intense colour.


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