Professional Eyebrow Styling Brushes

If you aim to reach perfection in your work, it’s important have perfect tools as well.

Our brushes, which we developed especially for eyebrow stylists, are going to be your favourite tools. You can choose your specific, practical and precise tool for your various work processes and eyebrow types.

The synthetic brushes ensures that your tools stay durable for a long time, do not deform and can be cleaned and disinfected easily.

The brush handles are also made of easily cleanable plastic; their black colour is elegant as well as practical. Say goodbye to stubborn tint stains!

How to use

BBP1 – Corrector Brush – With its help, you can easily apply and blend a creamy concealer on the reddened skin around the eyebrows after eyebrow styling.

BBP2 – Slant Brush – The slant, flat-end brush is an excellent choice for all types of eyebrows. When you tint your eyebrows, keep the slanted end of the brush parallel to your eyebrow arch to create a straight and sharp line.

BBP3 – Thin Paintbrush – This straight, thin paintbrush ensures precise application and tint layering even to the thinnest parts of the eyebrows. Tip: This brush is a perfect choice to apply active ingredients during lifting. With its help, you can apply active ingredients in a thin line but thicker layers.

BBP4 – Straight Precision Brush – You can use the straight-end precision brush to sharpen the tinted lines and to layer the henna tint easily.

BBP5 – Angled Paintbrush – This angled, thin paintbrush ensures precise tint application even to the thinnest parts of the eyebrows. Thanks to its angled head, you can style the hard-to-reach areas more easily.

Why should you choose the Best Brows eyebrow styling brushes?

During eyebrow styling, it is essential to use good quality, precise brushes to apply the tint. Our wide selection of brushes will help you find the right tool for your eyebrows and technique.


Type: BBP 1-5-kit

BBP 1-5-kit
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