Prime Edition Nano Pro Spirit Eyelash Tweezers

The Prime Edition Nano Pro SA is part of the first one of NANO eyelash tweezers, a collection of high-quality titanium and Japanese steel eyelash tweezers.

It has all the benefits of the Prime Edition eyelash tweezers collection and even more.

The unique eyelash tweezers made by Nano technology with its ribbed texture and detailed design is perfect for all grip points, keeping the lashes perfectly stable.

There are no limits to the work you can do!

The special head part of the SPIRIT eyelash tweezers (combining the advantages of the Slim and Duck tweezers) was created under the development and guidance of our professional team in collaboration with the manufacturing team.

The name SPIRIT is inspired by the team spirit that guarantees the development of products of consistently high quality.

Why should you choose the Prime Edition Nano Pro Spirit eyelash tweezers?

  • ribbed head, coated with nano diamond powder
  • precise 1 cm long 60-degree head designed for eyelash stylists
  • stronger hold
  • perfect closing
  • combines the advantages of the Slim and Duck tweezers
  • flawless end result
  • 12 cm long, provides comfortable workflow

Our guarantee of quality: Tested by Best Lashes Professional eyelash stylists.


Color: Silver

Rose gold
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