Prime Edition Isolating Eyelash Tweezers

The Prime Edition Isolating eyelash tweezers are part of the new generation of eyelash tweezers collection, made with high quality titanium and Japanese steel materials to make eyelash sculpting easier than ever.

The head of the tweezers is slightly curved, straight and thinning, so it will be of great help when you want to easily reach and separate even the smallest natural lashes. Using it you can say goodbye to clumpy eyelashes.

Why should you choose the Prime Edition Isolating eyelash tweezers?

  • Uniform, finely machined, tapered, slightly curvedhead
  • Hand-polished, pin-point edges
  • Allows an easy grip, yet precise work
  • 12-13 cm long, provides comfortable workflow 

Our guarantee of quality: Tested by Best Lashes Professional eyelash stylists.


    Color: Gold 13 cm

    Gold 13 cm
    Gold ribbed 12 cm
    Black 13 cm
    Black ribbed 12 cm
    Rose gold 13 cm
    Rose gold ribbed 12 cm
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