Prime Edition Colour Straight Eyelash Tweezers

The Prime Edition Colour straight eyelash tweezers are part of the new generation of eyelash tweezers collection, made with high quality titanium and Japanese steel materials to make eyelash sculpting easier than ever.

Do you know the feeling when the natural eyelashes get clumped together and can’t be isolated?
With Prime Edition straight tweezers, this is a thing of the past.

The head part of the carefully hand-polished tweezers is sufficiently thinned to separate even the shortest and thinnest lashes, whether they should be placed into the inner or outer corner of the eye.

Why should you choose the Prime Edition Colour straight eyelash tweezers?

  • Uniform, carefully machined, sufficiently tapered, straight head
  • Hand-polished, pin-point edges
  • Allows an easy grip, yet precise work
  • 12-13 cm long, provides comfortable workflow 

Our guarantee of quality: Tested by Best Lashes Professional eyelash stylists.


    Color: Gold 12 cm

    Rose Gold 12 cm
    Gold 12 cm
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