Henna Mixer

For mixing the Best Brows Pro Activator Liquid and the Best Brows Pro eyebrow henna powder.
Use it to get a perfect, ready-to-apply tint texture to make even application easier.

Henna Mixer makes your job easier! Henna powder ingredients blend quickly and effortlessly, so your hands don’t get tired as quickly.

It allows an easier and more thorough mixing, ensuring a sufficiently homogeneous and dense material for the tinting process. In this way, the Henna Mixer contributes to the perfect result.

How to use

To mix the tint, add the Activator Liquid to the henna powder in the mixing glass bowl and stir it with the Henna Mixer until you get a completely homogeneous tint, with a consistency similar to sour cream. After mixing, use the eyebrow brush to make sure that the consistency of the tint is sufficient.


Color: Black

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