Henna Brow Tint – Reddish Brown

The Best Brows Pro henna powder is produced from the highest quality Indian henna developed specifically for eyebrow tinting. Recommended for clients with reddish brown or reddish hair. 

Depending on the skin type and proper preparation, it can last up to 2 weeks on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the eyebrows.

How to use

Used on its own, the Reddish Brown henna is the lightest of our henna colours, so in most cases, we recommend to mix it with a secondary colour. It can be used to add a beautiful, rich, reddish hue to any other colour.

To achieve an intense red hue, mix the Reddish Brown with Burgundy, and to intensify it, add a touch of Chocolate Brown or Black.

To give other colours a warmer or coppery hue, add an optional amount of the Reddish Brown henna when you mix the tint.

When should you choose the reddish brown colour?

It is a highly versatile tint that can be mixed and used according to your needs, and is a preferred choice of clients with red hair and eyebrows.

Using it on its own is recommended for clients with fair skin and eyebrow tones who want to achieve a light coppery shade.

On some warmer skin types, the tint may be more intense on the hair strands than on the skin.

Professional Tip: For a perfect result, use our ProPeel liquid exfoliant before tinting, which is specifically formulated for the Best Brows Pro hennas. It has a gentle exfoliating effect, so after its use, sunlight shouldn’t be a problem for your clients.

ProPeel does not react with henna, so the result will not differ from the expected colour. A small amount is enough. Even with frequent use, 1 bottle can serve 25-30 sessions.

What should you mix it with? With the Best Brows Pro Activator Liquid!

Recommended for professional use.

Packaging: 3 gr


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