Halfmoon LED Floor Lamp

The Halfmoon lamp is a fantastic tool for beauty salons, offering adjustable brightness and color temperature to perfectly illuminate the workspace. If you're looking for a lamp under which you can work with maximum precision, you've found it.

The Halfmoon lamp can meet the most unique needs. Whether you want to set warm or cold light tones, or illuminate a smaller or larger area, it's no obstacle.

The semi-circular LED lamp head connects to the telescopic stand so that it can be comfortably and easily rotated in the direction that suits you. Thanks to its shape, it does not cast shadows on the client's face, thus providing perfect lighting conditions during work.

It is easy to assemble.

Moreover, it has a sophisticated and beautiful design, making it an ideal choice for beauty salons of any style.

The lamp is available in black and white colors.

The Halfmoon lamp package contains everything you need for precise work.

It includes:

  • The lamp and the flexibly adjustable stand
  • The power cord and adapter
  • The universal mobile phone holder
  • The user manual

Color: Black

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