Glamora UV LED Lamp

The Glamora UV LED Lamp is a revolutionary new tool for eyelash extension, making the work faster and more comfortable, and the finished set more durable. It represents a perfect investment for every eyelash stylist.

With the new technology, you can reduce working time by 20-30% as it dries the eyelash adhesive in just 0.3-1 second, allowing for continuous work. Moreover, you can say goodbye to stuck-together lashes.

The Glamora UV LED Lamp brings real innovation to the traditional art of eyelash extension. It is a practical and efficient tool that every professional stylist needs.

  • Faster and more comfortable work: the lamp instantly dries the eyelash glue.
  • Your clients will love it: the finished set can be immediately exposed to water.
  • The time to build an eyelash set can be decreased.
  • Provides reliable results even in high temperature and humidity.

Its sleek and stylish design can be a jewel for your beauty salon.

The lamp's head is flexibly adjustable, so you can direct the UV light in the desired direction.

The lamp is available in black and white colors.

The adjustable light of the UV lamp allows for flexible working. You can set the lighting time to your preference, whether you want to use it for longer or shorter periods. This can be easily done by different combinations of pressing the pedal.

Good to know:

  • Material: Aluminium-Silicon-Metal
  • The size of the lamp's light is adjustable.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Simple pedal on and off.
  • Wavelength: 395nm - 400nm
  • 5W / 5V-1A

Color: Black

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