Foam Tape Roll for Eyelash Extension

Best Lashes Pro's innovative under-eye patch is ready to use immediately, requiring no further cutting or preparation. The high-quality, breathable PE foam material ensures comfort and perfect fixation of the lower lashes during lash extension.

The patch design follows the natural curvature of the eye, making the lower lashes easily accessible and separable.

Key features:

  • Easy to use: The pre-cut eyelid patches are ready to use as they are self-adhesive and can be torn by hand, thus increasing work efficiency.
  • Skin-friendly material: The lint-free, breathable PE foam material provides comfortable wear without irritating your client's skin.
  • Eye protection: The patch makes the lash roots more visible, thereby reducing the risk of eye injuries.
  • Optimal size: Each roll contains 110 pieces, each 6.1 cm long and 2 cm wide.
  • Universal application: Ideal for lash building and eyelash tinting.


Material: PE foam
Quantity: 110 pieces/roll
Size: 6.1 cm x 2 cm
Application: Separating the lashes during lash extension.
Package contents: 1 roll, a total of 110 eyelid patches

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