Eyelash Lifting “Y” Comb - Stainless Steel

The Y-shaped eyelash lifting comb facilitates the combing of lashes onto the silicone pad. It also ensures precise combing and accurate fixation.

If eyelash lifting is among your services, you will need the eyelash lifting Y comb for perfect work! Made of stainless steel, it will be your reliable companion for a long time in your work.

How to use it? The eyelash lifting tool will be your helpful companion when lifting lashes onto the lifting pad. With it, you can fix the lash strands, which will then adhere to the lifting pad with the help of eyelash lifting adhesive.

Make sure to proceed in small sections and work with gentle movements so that the lashes fixed on the pad are as distinct from each other as possible.

Use the smooth side for lifting the lashes and the serrated side for straightening them.

Material: Stainless Steel


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