Eyelash Lifting “Y” Comb

The Y eyelash lifting brush facilitates the combing of the eyelashes onto the silicone pad. Furthermore, it ensures precise brushing and fixing.

If you offer eyelash lifting as a service, you will need an eyelash lifting Y comb for a perfect result!

How to use

The eyelash lifting tool will be your useful companion when you comb the eyelashes on the lifting pad. With its help, you can fix eyelashes which adhere to the lifting pad with the eyelash lifting glue.

Make sure to work in small sections and careful movements, and that the eyelashes fixed onto the pad are separated as much as possible.

You can use the smooth side of the comb to comb the lashes onto the pad, and the serrated side to straighten the lashes.


Color: Pink

Hot Pink
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