Eyelash Lifting QuickBalm

Do you want to effortlessly create perfectly curved, lifted eyelashes for your clients? Are you looking for an adhesive that allows you to shape the eyelashes without any trouble?

The QuickBalm Lifting Adhesive grants you this freedom!

Discover a new level of eyelash lifting with the latest developed Eyelash Lifting Adhesive Balm, promising easy-to-handle, flexible, and hydrated lashes, as well as a perfectly curved final result that provides a stunning look.

This special balm-consistency material, functioning as an adhesive, does not set hard, allowing the eyelashes to be easily combed up onto the silicone pad. Its flexibility and moldability let you effortlessly shape the eyelashes into the desired place, or even make corrections while they perfectly adhere to the silicone pad, resulting in faster work and a more beautiful lifting effect.

The Eyelash Lifting QuickBalm is the perfect blend of traditional eyelash lifting adhesives and balms.

Precious nutrients and vitamins, such as argan oil, vitamin E, and B12 vitamins, deeply hydrate the eyelashes. Your client will be immensely grateful for these.

Say goodbye to dehydrated, hard-to-handle lashes and create a spectacular lifting effect quickly and easily!

How to use it? Apply the Eyelash Lifting QuickBalm to the placed silicone pad in 1 cm sections, then comb the eyelashes onto it with your favorite comb. The uniqueness of the glue balm really comes into play during the combing. You can comb the eyelashes onto the silicone pad with light, small movements. Repeat this process until all eyelashes are neatly adhered to the silicone pad.

Best Lashes Pro Tip: With traditional eyelash lifting glue, once the glue has dried, there is no possibility to correct the position of the eyelashes. In contrast, the balm consistency and special composition allow the eyelashes to remain moldable after combing, thus ensuring the freedom for perfect results.

Content: 20 g

Important! The Eyelash Lifting QuickBalm is not suitable for sticking the eyelash lifting pads to the eyelid, as it begins to melt due to the heat when in contact with the skin. Use a silicone lifting pad that does not require glue or use classic eyelash lifting glue for this process.


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