Eyebrow Lamination Lotion

The Best Brows Professional eyebrow lamination lotion gently, yet lastingly fixes the eyebrow hair strands for up to 6-8 weeks.

The Best Brows Pro Eyebrow Lamination product range ensures that you can shape your clients’ eyebrows gently and permanently. The active ingredient in Step1 Eyebrow Lamination Lotion opens up the structure of the eyebrow hair strands, so they lose their hold and become easy to shape and soft for the next step.

The product is made exclusively of controlled and authorised ingredients, and it is not tested on animals during the manufacturing process—this is extremely important to us.

Instructions for use will be provided when you order the product.

Packaging: 5 ml

One bottle contains enough material for about 5-6 treatments.

How to use

  • Apply the Lamination Lotion to the eyebrow hair strands fixed with the Lamination Glue in a way that the material coats the hair strands in a unified quantity and thickness from their base to their top.
  • After applying the active ingredient, gently cover with the Brow Wrap.
  • After the development time has elapsed, ensure that the applied Lamination Lotion had the proper effect, then remove it and clean the surface with a dry, lint-free wipe.

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