Eyebrow Lamination Glue

The Best Brows Professional eyebrow lamination glue was formulated through extensive testing and development. It fixes the hair strands in the desired direction with perfect adhesion without being harmful to the skin. The glue allows the stylist to shape and temporarily fix the eyebrows.

Make your work easier during eyebrow lamination: fix the hair strands in the desired direction with the glue. Not only does it make the process easier, but you also don’t have to use that much active ingredient on the flat combed and fixed hair strands.

The product is made exclusively of controlled and authorised ingredients, and it is not tested on animals during the manufacturing process—this is extremely important to us.

Instructions for use will be provided when you order the product.

Packaging: 5 ml

How to use

  • The first step in the eyebrow lamination process is to apply a small amount of glue to the hair strands with the end of the glue brush, then use the Y comb to align and secure the strands in the desired direction.
  • Work in small sections, and make sure not to put too much glue on the hair strands at once.
  • The strong fixing effect of the glue is very quick, so be as quick and precise as you can.

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