Easy Fan Edition Eyelashes - 16 lines - 0.07

Create stunning, dramatic Russian Volume sets with ease using the Easy Fan lashes!

With the Easy Fan lash collection, fanning becomes easier and faster! The eyelashes are laid in two layers on the adhesive strip, making it easier to fan, and thanks to this, the finished fans can be applied more simply and immediately with the help of an eyelash tweezer.

Since the lashes are thinner than traditional volume eyelashes, and are placed in two layers on the adhesive strip, the result is an airy, lightweight, fluffy volume set.

The Easy Fan doesn't weigh down the natural lashes as the created fan is extremely light, hence your clients who love dramatic mega volume sets will adore it.

Thanks to the unique manufacturing technology, the lashes retain their perfect curl, so the final result remains long-lasting.

Its packaging also speaks for itself: We've designed a beautiful exterior to the revamped interior. The matte and natural effect Easy Fan lashes are placed in a stylish, securely closing paper box, allowing for hygienic storage. The box is also practical, as it opens easily but closes securely.

Thus, you can always be sure your favourite lashes are safe. But it's not all about the striking style! The brand-new packaging of the Easy Fan is a more environmentally conscious choice as it is made from paper instead of plastic. The Easy Fan is every eyelash stylist's favourite!

  • Easy and quick fanning: fans can be created in 1 second
  • Made of high-quality material: 100% Korean PBT
  • Matte, natural effect, lightweight and soft lashes
  • Long-lasting curl
  • Each lash is handmade
  • Recommended for both light volume and mega volume sets
  • Hygienic and practical packaging
  • Available in both single size and mix trays

Best Lashes Pro Tip: With the Easy Fan lashes, there is no need to use The Glue Lock, as their design prevents them from closing up after dipping into the eyelash glue.


Thickness: 0.07


Curve: C


Length: 7 mm

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8 mm
9 mm
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11 mm
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13 mm
14 mm
Mix 7-14 mm
Mix 9-12 mm
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