Degreasing Stick

Degreasing stick for multifunctional use

Do you need a tool to clean up natural lashes and eye lines easily and flawlessly?

This degreasing stick with its properly sized head is the perfect tool for this purpose. In fact, it does even more than that! You can also use it to the pre-treatment and also to the removal of false eyelashes.

It will be your favourite tool too, because:

  • It is multifunctional: for cleaning natural eyelashes and removing the false ones.
  • It is hygienic: the degreasing stick is disposable, so you can always ensure maximum hygiene for your clients.
  • It has a practical design: you can work with it accurately, comfortably, easily and quickly.

10pcs - €0,20 / pcs
50pcs - €0,16 / pcs
100pcs - €0,13 / pcs
200pcs - €0,07 / pcs
500pcs - €0,06 / pcs


Color: Gold

Light pink
Rose gold
Gold sparkly
Pink sparkly
Purple sparkly

Packaging: 500 pcs

500 pcs
10 pcs
50 pcs
100 pcs
200 pcs
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