Brow Wrap

A practical brow wrap that makes your eyebrow lamination products work more efficiently. Its narrow size and compact, practical packaging make it easy to use while laminating eyebrows.

The box protects the wrap from dust and other dirt, and you don’t have to use scissors to cut it up — the sliding blade on the packaging makes the cutting of the wrap easy to the desired size.

Thanks to the 200 m length, you can use this product to style hundreds of eyebrows.

How to use

  • Apply the active ingredients used during eyebrow lamination to the surface of the eyebrows in equal amounts and thickness, then carefully cover them with the wrap.
  • Make sure that the wrap covers the eyebrows evenly everywhere but doesn’t move the pre-applied active ingredient away from the hair strands.

Width: 42 mm
Length: 200 m


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