Brow Patch

Simplify and smooth out the eyebrow lamination process with Brow Patch!

Thanks to its ergonomic design and silicone material, the silicone eyebrow patch fits precisely and securely to any eyebrow shape.

It makes the work stress-free and more comfortable, as once applied, it does not separate from the client's skin, adheres firmly, and does not slide off.

In designing the silicone eyebrow patch, special attention was paid to ensure it accurately covers both eyebrows.

It provides a comfortable and irritation-free adherence.

If it's important to you to use cost-effective tools and you're environmentally conscious, then the reusable silicone eyebrow patch is an ideal choice.

How to use it?

  • Apply the active ingredients used during eyebrow lamination to the surface of the eyebrows in equal amounts and thickness, then carefully place the silicone eyebrow patch on.
  • Ensure that the eyebrow patch covers the eyebrow entirely.
  • After use, clean thoroughly with disinfectant liquid and it's ready to use again.

How to clean?

  • Use lukewarm water to remove the active substances.
  • Disinfect with a sterilizer (up to 120°C) or a high-quality tool disinfectant.
  • Gently dry with a towel.

Size: 15.5x5.5 cm
Thickness: 0.4 mm


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