Brow Contour Paste

Design perfect eyebrows with the latest development, even more efficiently usable eyebrow paste!

Drawing symmetrical eyebrows has never been this easy!

You will love it during your work because it is extremely easy to use: with the help of a brush, you can draw a sharper and more defined shape, easily remove it, and correct the shape as many times as you would like. After all, professional results take time.

The eyebrow paste has been given a white color, so it is excellently visible on all skin tones.

Thanks to the selected ingredients of the Best Brows Professional eyebrow paste, it is gentle on the skin, therefore it can be used on any skin type.

How to use it: Clean the eyebrow area and the skin around it. Apply a small amount of paste with your favorite brush and outline the shape of the eyebrows. Paint the eyebrows, then after the processing time, remove the dye and the paste in the usual way.

Good to know: Effective and gentle formula. Suitable for all skin types. Easy to use, easy to correct, and remove. It does not contain harmful components or parabens. It does not contain SLES/SLS derivatives.


Color: White

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