Activator Liquid

A liquid that activates the eyebrow henna, based on our unique formula. With its nourishing ingredients, it promotes and provides an environment for optimal results.

How to use

To mix the tint, add the Activator Liquid to the henna powder in the mixing glass bowl and stir until you get a completely homogeneous tint, with a consistency similar to sour cream. For mixing, use the Henna Mixer and the eyebrow brush. Depending on the eyebrows, the consistency of the mixed tint can be thickened or diluted slightly by adding extra Activator.

Why you should choose the Activator Liquid?

To ensure maximum intensity and quality, it is essential to use Activator Liquid, specifically developed for our henna tints. This makes sure that your henna tints remain durable and that you get an intense, rich colour.

Additional advantages of the BEST BROWS PRO ACTIVATOR:

  • Reduces irritation
  • Nourishes the skin with vitamins
  • Makes the colours last longer

Recommended for professional use.

Attention! Using simple water may decrease the pH value, which decreases durability.

Packaging: 60 ml


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