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Your Best-Kept Secret to Superior Lashes that cure faster and last longer. Be a future-forward lash artist with a cutting-edge concept for curing lash extensions.


No ambitious lash artist should be without the BL Pro Glamora UV curing lash extension led light system. Slash treatment time by at least 20%-30% by eliminating the need to switch between eyes. Also due to the immediate curing of the glue you can say goodbye to lash stickies. Complete lash extensions faster and get the next customer in sooner!


Bid farewell to conventional lash extension techniques that take 24-48 hours to dry and forbid customers from making contact with water. Never again will a client’s disobedience result in a complaint about your service! With a Glamora UV LED lash curing system, the glue cures instantly and completely (within 1-2 seconds). Clients can even get water on their eyes immediately after their treatment without any issues. Hot days and high humidity are also no match for our Glamora UV LED technology, which further significantly improves retention with results that last until the natural eyelashes shed. No runniness, no strings, no changing the glue dots in every 15 minutes. But if you do need to remove lashes once they’ve grown out, you can easily do so with a classic lash remover or tweezer. No regular lash glue can compete with durability of this level


Traditional lash adhesives take up to 48 hours to dry completely, emitting fumes the entire time. Seeing as UV systems cure lashes instantly and directly, there are no fumes…and no fumes means less chance of allergic reactions no more irritated eyes. In fact, UV curing lash extension led light systems are shown to reduce irritations and allergy risks by a remarkable 50%-70%. Facts based on unofficial results, but feedbacks from clients suffering from an allergic reaction shows this.

safety first

At Best Lashes Pro, safety and health are our top priorities. We spare no expense in finding and selecting the most revered manufacturers in the industry. We want to know them as well as they know themselves – their company, their products, their processes, their certifications, their testing procedures – everything. Our Glamora UV LED lash curing system was only added to our catalogue once we could confirm that the lamp was:
  • FCC Certified

  • CE Certified

  • ROHS Certified

  • Equipped with an IEC62471 Test Report confirming skin & eye safety

Everything you need to know

About Best Lashes Pro’s Glue & Tools



Glamora UV LED Lamp

The Glamora UV LED Lamp brings real innovation to the traditional art of eyelash extension. It is a practical and efficient tool that every professional stylist needs.



Amity LED Glue

LASTS 6-8 WEEKS Smooth liquid consistency suitable for all types of lash extensions and techniques. Water-resistant, oil-resistant, and highly durable – with results that last for 6-8 weeks. The glue is without carbon black which reduce the risk of allergy and irritation
• No more fume
• No more glue dots change in every 15mins
• No more bonder needed


Gel Pad Patches (Black)

Effortless application for a stunning matte black finish. Lint-free with zero odor.



Microfoam Tape (Black)

A high-quality, highly conformable elastic foam tape that stretches in any direction. The perfect alternative to paper tape or gel patches.



Narrow Tape (Black)

1.25CM X 9.1M
Keep the bottom lashes taped down and out of the way when performing lash extensions, preventing adhesion to top lashes with this high-quality narrow tape in stylish black.



Anti-Glare UV-Protection Glasses

Shield your eyes against harmful radiation with these essentials for every lash artist using a UV LED lamp. Reduce eye strain while improving your vision when working with bright light. Wear over your own glasses easily and comfortably.

Frequently asked questions

Is the system harmful to the eyes and skin?

No. However, as a beauty professional, it is up to you to adhere to all instructions and safety rules to keep your clients and yourself safe.
What if my clients aren’t keen on the switch to BLPro’s UV’s LED concept?
We recommend having an open discussion surrounding your client’s concerns and answering as many of their questions as possible to provide reassurance. Be transparent and reiterate BLPro’s impeccable safety standards and testing procedures.

Does the system offer good lash retention?

Yes! You can expect the lashes to last at least 6-8 weeks, or until the natural lashes start to fall out by the next hair growth cycle. To ensure maximum retention, always follow the proper prep steps.

How should the glue be stored?

Store in a cool, dry place, like a glue pouch or container, away from the UV lamp and out of direct sunlight. Never store in the fridge.

What is the glue’s shelf life?

With correct storage, the glue should last around 6 months once opened. Unopened glue has a shelf life of up to a year.

Do I need to use specific lashes with the UV system?

No – you can use any lashes of your choosing. We don’t have a specific line of lashes that should be used.

Can I still remove lashes easily after UV application?

Yes. You can easily do so using a tweezer or classic lash remover.

Do I need to use a specific technique with UV technology?

Not at all. You can use the same techniques and expertise as you always do.

Can the UV-protection glasses be worn with magnifying glasses?

Safety glasses aren’t mandatory, but rather, an optional added layer of safety. And you can still use our system with magnifying glasss instead. However, it’s crucial to avoid gazing directly into the UV light, especially if you’re not wearing UV protection glasses. Thankfully, we’re sure you don’t have any plans to hold the lamp in front of your face and purposefully stare straight into the lamp. Rest assured that the Best Lashes Pro Glamora UV curing lash extension led light system is designed to shine straight down without conflicting with your line of vision. So while we do recommend our safety goggles, they’re not essential if your work calls for the use of magnifying glasses.

Is the Glamora UV LED lash curing system safe for all clients?

You should only treat pregnant, lactating, or breastfeeding women if they’re able to provide written permission from their doctor. Avoid treating if in doubt. UV treatments are also not recommended on eye areas with any visible abrasion, wound, keloid, unhealed scar, herpes, psoriasis, fungal infection, infectious or inflammatory skin disease, sunburn, neurodermatitis, or potential skin cancer lesion. UV light can worsen damage in cases like this. Clients should also not be treated if they suffer from epilepsy, photosensitivity, polymorphous light dermatosis, or hemophilia, or if they are currently taking photosensitizing medication like systematic dermatics, antiepileptics, or neuroleptics.. Anyone undergoing radiation or chemotherapy should also avoid UV light.

Do I need to use a specific glue holder or base?

The majority of commonly-used lash glue bases work just fine, but try to avoid transparent or glass-made bases. Exposure to daylight could cause premature curing of the glue dot.

Glue Safety Instructions


Always read the label before use and keep the package on hand for reference. Best Lashes Pro’s lash glue is designed for professional lash extensions only, not private use. Not suitable for open eye application. Only use in a well-ventilated space or outdoors. The glue’s strong, fast-acting adhesive – cyanoacrylate – carries the risk of respiratory tract irritation. Keep out of reach of children and in a safe area under lock and key. The rapid adhesive action can stick the skin and eyelids together in seconds. In case of accidental eye contact, remove contact lenses if applicable and immediately rinse with water gently for a few minutes. Keep flushing until the eyes are clear of glue and able to open and close freely. Seek medical advice if irritation or adhesion persists. Use within 6 months and discard used containers via a reputable waste disposal company.

Technical informations about the lamp:

  • Wavelength: 395nm - 400nm

  • 5W / 5V-1A

  • Material: Aluminium-Silicon-Metal

  • Adjustable spot size

  • Operation: Pull Pedal Switch