Silicone Pad Size L

Use the silicone pad to choose the appropriate curvature.
It is latex free.

How to use

Choose the appropriate size of eyelash lifting pad, suited to your client’s characteristics and needs. After disinfecting, simply glue the pad’s backside and place it on your client’s eyelids as taught. Use the size L silicone pads for clients whose eyelash is long, size L, or for clients with medium long eyelash who want to achieve a less dramatic look.

Why you should choose this?

Their design ensures that these reusable, soft silicone eyelash pads can be easily adjusted to client’s eye shape. You can choose the desired curvature based on the client’s eye size. Compared to the enhanced silicone pad, this is a more massive silicone pad.


Packaging: 5 pcs

5 pcs
10 pcs
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