Soft Touch Edition Volume Lashes

The latest addition to our Best Lashes Professional range is the Soft Touch Edition Volume Eyelash collection, which is set to exceed even the highest of expectations and standards when it comes to false eyelashes.

Available in matte black, this unique range of lash extension can be used to add extra volume and are even easier to fan to your clients preferred lash style. The beauty of these soft touch edition lashes means that they not only keep their natural curve, but they are also of a high-quality standard and made only with 100% synthetic strands. Due to their deep, matte black colour, saturated eyelashes can also be made with this product. What’s more, the careful selection of the lash material and high-quality production makes application and lash work even easier.

We guarantee that these soft touch lashes will become the new favourite of any lash stylist and specialist out there who builds eyelash extensions themselves.

The new Best Lashes Pro Soft Touch Edition Lashes are guaranteed to help you create the most enchanting and beautiful lash effect possible.

€19.94 - €23.27
€15.70 - €18.32 + VAT
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