Rhomboid/Cashmere Eyelash

When it comes to flat eyelashes, there are often two distinguishable types and shapes that are commonly used – these are rhomboid (or otherwise known as cashmere) and ellipse. There are distinguishable features between the two to assist in defining which shape is which.

Rhomboid/Cashmere Eyelash 

  • Strong, deep black colour
  • Shiny, satin finish rather than matte
  • Soft and silky touch
  • Flattened shape allowing you to provide a more saturated eyelash set
  • Diamond shape lashes giving a fuller lash effect
  • Recommended exclusively for 1D eyelash extension
  • Can be built on any type of natural lashes without weighing them down
€19.94 - €21.61
€15.70 - €17.02 + VAT
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Product description:

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