Pre-made Volume Lashes

What are pre-made volume eyelashes?

There’s an abundance of information that circulates the internet and social media networking channels when it comes to pre-made volume eyelashes, and because of this we find that often opinions on this type of product are somewhat divided and mixed.

The biggest criticism is often because the lashes are already glued together, making them slightly heavier for natural lashes to adapt to. Whilst this was true for the older styles and types of pre-made eyelashes, this new development of pre-made lashes means that they are now bonded together using heat rather than glue in the manufacturing process. Thanks to this new manufacturing process this makes this style of lashes less heavy when applying to natural eyelashes.

As these lash extensions have been joined together by heat, it’s true that occasionally pre-made volume fan lashes may not wrap the natural eyelashes to their entirety. But these lashes have been designed and made with the sole purpose and intention of helping those beauticians and stylists who have little to no experience in designing and applying volume fan lash extensions, rather than qualified volume stylists, making for a more seamless and easier experience for volume lash application.

Who is it recommended for?

Due to the nature of these volume false lash extensions, we would recommend that these are most suited for those eyelash stylists and beauticians who have not yet completed the volume eyelash training, but are keen to add volume to the classic sets of lashes and cover the gaps caused by incomplete, natural lashes

Instructions for use:

  • When applying these volume eyelashes, it’s often best practice to use a pair of volume or curved eyelash tweezers to help with the application of the lash fans so that they don’t fall apart.
  • The adjustment of the lashes is done in the same way as any classic 1D eyelash sculpting process.
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Product description:

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