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Matte Glossy Edition Eyelashes

Our Matte Glossy Edition Eyelashes are our most natural looking eyelash extension type. It is a mixture of the the silk and the mink lash types. Matte Glossy Edition lash has a deep taper making the body of the lash finer, softer and lighter than our other lash types.

Easy to use with all techniques. Recommended for making double and volume eyelashes extensions.

Matte, glossy finish provides an elegant and casual finish for clients wanting a soft natural look. Thanks to their ebony colour we can apply wonderful lashes with them.

The carefully chosen materials and high quality manufacturing ensure that they are easy to work with, which is essential for an eyelash stylist. We can easily take the lashes off the eyelash strip as they do not stick to it too much. For easier visibility they can be found on light eyelash cards.

Who are Matte glossy Edition eyelashes recommended for?

For everybody who prefers natural and dramatic look as well. You can build volume sets achieving natural look or even more dramatic effect!

Did you know?

Synthetic lashes are made by the use of technology but largely by hand. One platter of eyelashes is manufactured in 5 different stages and goes through two strict quality tests.

Our products are not tested on animals! Best Lashes Pro has a contract with one of the most reliable and strict manufacturer company therefore the quality of our products is guaranteed!

The length haven’t marked on the edge of the 6 row eyelash card beacuse of a mistake during manufacturing

€19.94 - €23.27
€15.70 - €18.32 + VAT
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