Henna Brow Styling Online Training

Would you like to be among the first to learn the technique of Henna brow tinting? The Best Brows Pro Henna brow styling online training was made for you!  

Be among the first to learn the Henna brow styling technique!

At Best Brows Professional we always focus on innovation and trend setting services. Henna brow styling is a new addition to our palette, as right now it is one of the hottest topics in the world of beauty. Experience has shown that trend setting is highly valued by clients and online trainings gain more and more popularity. There is a great interest in our trainings but geographical distance could be an obstacle, so we decided to make our trainings available online as well.  

Tinting the brows with henna has become very popular in the United States and Russia, so it is an absolute must-have in your salon as well.

Download our online training today and learn the tricks of the henna tinting technique!

What is included in the online training package?

  • A PDF handbook introducing the Best Brows Pro Henna Brow Styling technique.
  • A video explaining the technique step by step.
  • Certificate of the completion of the training*

What are the benefits of the online brow styling training? 

  • You don’t need to spend time on travelling.
  • You can learn from the comfort of your home.
  • You can learn at your own pace.
  • You can practice as much as you need, using the handbook and the video.
  • You can go through the training whenever you wish and whenever you have time – you don’t need to adapt your schedule, so learning will not affect the time you spend with clients.

If you participate in any of our trainings, eg. the online henna brow styling training, you will get 10% discount from your first purchase of brow tinting tools from our webshop using the HENNA10 discount code at checkout.

How will you get the training?

After purchasing the training in our webshop, and the fee have arrived to us, log in to your personal account on the website and click the “My online trainings” tab to see the handbook and the step by step video. (Depending on the payment method, processing may take 1-2 working days.)

To access the online training, you need to log in to the webshop as a registered user!

Important! If you pay by credit card, you are not allowed to cancel your order, as  upon finalizing the payment, the training will be immediately available.

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*To get the certificate, all you need to do is to send us an email to oktatas@bestlashespro.hu with images of 2 models, each before and after the styling. When taking the photos, please make sure that the model is facing you, and both eyes and brows are clearly visible.

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