Easy Fan/Express Volume 16 rows

Using Easy Fan lashes to create volume sets has never been so easy and spectacular!
With the help of our newest development of premium eyelashes, you can create volume fans with ease. The secret is the special gluing of the adhesive tape, which makes your work faster and easier. With eyelash strands of different lengths, the trendy “Kardashian style” sets can be built faster. You may also know the Easy Fan lashes as Express Volume.

Who is it recommended for?

For anyone who would like to accelerate their work and for anyone who is not experienced yet in creating volume sets.

Available: One size and mix trays

Row variations of mix trays:

7-12mm: 1x7mm, 2x8mm, 3x9mm, 4x10mm, 4x11mm, 2x12mm
7-14mm: 1x7mm, 2x8mm, 2x9mm, 3x10mm, 2x11mm, 3x12mm, 2x13mm, 1x14mm
8-13mm: 2x8mm, 2x9mm, 4x10mm, 4x11mm, 3x12mm, 1x13mm
9-12mm: 1x9mm, 5x10mm, 5x11mm, 5x12mm

€18.28 - €21.61
€14.39 - €17.02 + VAT
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Product description:

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