Matte Glossy, Prime Edition, Prémium Mink

Our Iconic Eyelash Collections – Reimagined
You spoke, we listened. Be among the first to own BLP’s all-new premium eyelash extensions, designed at the intersection of eco-consciousness and premium material selection.
What's changed?
As a leading destination for beauty professionals and enthusiasts worldwide, we take our responsibility towards you and the Earth very seriously. After months of careful consideration and meticulous research and development, Best Lashes Professional is proud to unveil its renewed eyelash collections, prioritizing eco-friendly packaging and raw material development.

A trifecta of sophisticated Lash engineering
After nearly 15 years of artistry experience and a decade as a leading professional beauty brand, we know better than anyone that every artist is unique. Beauty experts need access to a premium eyelash collection that caters to various techniques and different lash types. This is why we have completely overhauled our popular collections of individual classic and volume lashes, exposing our top-rated lash fabrics to simplify your life while guaranteeing flawless results during and after application. Explore three iconic premium eyelash extension collections which, while unique, are consistent in curl design to meet the highest industry standards. Each collection is designed to put you in control, with the option to mix curls for a unique and unpredictable aesthetic.

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Our manufacturing process
At Best Lashes Professional, we have nothing to hide. We are proud to maintain full transparency into the birth of our premium lash collections. Take a closer look behind the curtain by watching the video below.


The Collection
Simplify the art of volume fans with BLP’s high-end collections of premium lashes, boasting the deepest black shades and the softest texture on the market. Wow your clients with the ultimate glow up, revealing the bold and dramatic aesthetic they desire. All premium eyelash extensions are available in 8 or 16 rows with single or mixed tray sizes. Foil instead of paper further helps avoid residue on your lash palette.


A high-density, semi-matt lash collection with an immaculate true black shade. Soft and lightweight with standard tapering for an authentic look that blends in naturally with the client’s real lashes underneath.


Astound your clients with a subtle silky sheen minus that unwanted plastic appearance. These soft and lightweight yet high-density glossy lashes possess a deep black colour, with a short taper for a flawless finish.


Invest in our deepest black, highest density lashes exuding an understated sheen without appearing plasticky. A lightweight yet heavy-duty addition to your collection with a short taper to blend evenly with natural lashes.
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lash collection today to find your perfect fit.
Discover Our Unique 


Suitable for all fanning techniques with a soft, light colour, our trifecta of glue tape
for lashes reveals the full intensity of each lash fibre, undisrupted.
A commitment to quality control
Every step in our manufacturing journey is subjected to rigorous quality control. From fibres to curl, length, and thickness, our process eliminates the chance of manufacturing errors for your peace of mind.



Enjoy easier lash strip removal with rimless paper boxes. We’ve done away with the magnetic closure to ensure toxic metals never reach landfills.

Easy, Fast Lash Fanning

Each strip on your premium lash cards clearly indicates the length size, curl and thickness, simplifying your treatment process from beginning to end.


Cruelty-free, vegan-friendly Korean PBT fibre ensures a flexible, lightweight, and hypoallergenic product with a silky-smooth texture and a fluffy aesthetic. With an aluminium foil coating supporting each strip, paper residue will never reach your palettes.


Our premium eyelash extensions are painstakingly forged at the hands of skilled craftspeople with a deep understanding of eco-conscious manufacturing and the unique needs of experienced lash artists around the world.

consistent sizing

Choose between 8 or 16 rows of individual premium lashes with uniform lengths per strip. Each lash is subjected to our unique curling process during manufacturing that avoids overheating. This avoids lashes sticking together in the box.

deep black hue

Guarantee the most striking aesthetic possible for your clients, with dazzling deep-black pigmented lashes free from blue or green undertones.

flawless aesthetic

Sophisticated faux lash engineering ensures impressive density that eliminates between-lash gaps. The tips will also never conflict and stick to one another, produce knots or kinks.

long-lasting curl

With BLP’s sophisticated production technology and use of premium materials, lash application is finally mess-free. Master Rainbow and Lonely Fan looks with super-strong-hold glue tape for lashes.


For the grassroot overhaul of our premium lash collections, packaging and raw material development were priorities. Our dedicated team developed a smart, eco-friendly, and rimless paper box that simplifies lash strip removal while preventing the lashes from clumping together.

At Best Lashes Professional, we operate at the intersection of style and functionality. We want your experience with our products to be memorable even before you open the box. That’s why we are in the process of replacing all plastic with paper in our collections, while eliminating the magnetic enclosure, so you can invest in the market’s best premium lash collections while reducing the industry’s known impact on the environment as much as possible.
Sample your chosen
lash collection today to find your perfect fit.

Fabolous collections

Using Matte Glossy edition

using Prime Edition:

using Premium Mink:


matte glossy edition

Achieve a more authentic, natural-looking finish with Matte Glossy, the ultimate eyelash collection for modern beauticians.

prime edition

Give your clients the glow-up of a lifetime with an elegantly glossy finish, silky sheen, and ultra-dense results.

premium mink edition

Create a flawless transition from natural lash to synthetic with our glossiest, softest, and densest lashes of all.