Step into the magical world of Promade lashes.
You no longer have to compromise on quality With the Premade Edition collection. The highest quality, natural or dramatic effect eyelashes, in a variety of curves and sizes, also available in a mix.

Special production technology, perfect quality

As if you created the fans. Each new generation of Premade/Promade pre-fanned eyelashes is handmade using the latest heat-sealing techniques, so they are identical to the quality of the fans created individually during the eyelash sculpting process.

Why is the Premade Edition collection an excellent choice?

  • You can build light volume, volume and mega volume sets in up to 1 to 1.5 hours

  • Save time so you can schedule more clients in a day and earn more money

  • Perfectly symmetrical fans

  • The easiest way to pick up and adjust lashes

  • Up to 1200 fans per tray or 2025 fans per box

  • Variety of curves and sizes


The promade/premade lashes are the future.

Join us in a world of endless possibilities.

Work more productively

Thanks to the perfectly symmetrical fans, you can easily create uniform sets.

Unlimited possibilities

You can use fans with different curves, closed, open or medium, from light volume sets to mega volume sets.

Your clients will love it

Sets will take less time to sculpt, making your service even faster and more convenient for your clients.

It creates a more balanced work

You can spend less time on fanning, so you don’t have to hunch over so much. Your back and waist will be thankful you for this.
Take it to the next level

Work smarter, not harder!

Check out our premium collection.

promade edition

A classic member of the Premade Edition family. Thanks to the use of special raw materials and the design of the lashes, it gives the clients a more natural, softer look.


Your clients who like a dramatic effect will love this one. The lashes are made from deeply pigmented materials, which gives the lashes a deep black colour. So that the result is a much fuller, more spectacular and mesmerising look.

LOOSE packaging

They are the more economical twins of the Premade Edition and the Dramatic Edition. The only difference that the fans are in a loose packaging, so we recommend using a silicone palette to make it easier to pick up the fans.


Fast workflow at a better price! The RAPID eyelash collection is a favourite among pre-fanned lash lovers because the fans lie on pre-made lines, which can be easily placed on the reusable silicone pad.


A spike was added to the handmade, heat-sealed fans to achieve the amazing Wispy or KimK look.

Frequently asked questions

How and what is it made of?

The Premade Edition collection is made partly by machine and partly by hand, using a heat-sealing technique. The material of the eyelashes is high quality Korean PBT, which makes the eyelashes light, flexible, deep black in colour and they do not lose their curve even after several weeks.
Is it really worth it?
Without any bias, we say it is. You can work more efficiently with these pre-made, symmetrical fans, which means sculpting a set requires less time. And you can still provide such a high level of quality as if you made the fan. It also means you can schedule more clients in a working day. So that, although the cost of materials may seem higher at first, you can compensate for this with a small price increase due to the faster workflow. Your clients will be grateful and happy to pay a little more, as they will have more time for other important things. You can also reduce the amount of material you lose. Have you ever been in the situation that a fan you created didn’t turn out the way you wanted, and you had to throw it away? This should not happen with premade/promade lashes, as quality fans are pre-made.

If I use pre-fanned lashes, do I still need to know the volume technique?

While the use of Promade lashes is not a prerequisite for volume technical knowledge, it is a professional skill that every professional eyelash stylist should know.

Do I need any special tools?

No special materials or tools are required, the Premade Edition kits require the same materials as traditional kits.

Is the Premade Edition better than the handmade fan?

We would rather say that it is different. Premade lashes allow you to shorten the time-consuming and painstaking process of fanning, saving you and your clients some valuable time. Of course, each type of eyelash has its advantages and disadvantages, which is unique for each eyelash stylist. So, we suggest you give the Premade Edition collection a try and experience its potential.

Should I use open, normal (medium open) or closed fan?

We recommend stocking more than one type of fan, as it is not uncommon to need both closed and open fans within a set. Here’s some help on what to use them for and when. The open fan will be a good choice for thinner and more incomplete natural lashes. It allows for a less saturated set, so will be popular with clients who prefer a more natural look. The normal or medium open fans are recommended for clients with normal to slightly thinning natural eyelashes. By using a closed fan, you can achieve a denser set. It can be used on clients with normal or many natural lashes to achieve a uniform result.

How many clients can have their lashes done with one box of sets?

Working with Promade lashes is economical and time-efficient, even when used as a supplement. A good example is the loose Dramatic Promade 3D collection, which comes in a box of 1000 fans. If you want to achieve 100% saturation for 1-1 stitch, you have to use about 100-200 fans. This way, with this pack you can give 3-4 clients a fabulous look. It is important to note that this amount varies from collection to collection. For more information on HUF/fan prices, see the product page.