Eyelash extensions rule the world!

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Eyelash extensions became popular in the US in the mid-1990’s. Developed in Asia, and having entered the US market, it soon became trendy and the most wanted treatment worldwide. Eyelash extensions are now one of the most popular and sought after services in the beauty industry. Some beauty salons only specialise in eyelash extensions!

Semi permanent eyelash extension (one to one lash)

The very first type of extension. Today this technique is often referred to as 1D extensions because it technically means that one extension is being applied on each natural eyelash.

2D lashes

This technique means doubling, where you apply two light weight extensions on each lash. Your lashes will look full and natural, and your natural lashes will not be damaged during application.

3D, 4D, 5D AND 6D Lashes

This type is often referred to as the ‘Russian Volume Technique’

It emerged from Russia, soon became popular in the US, and it has become one of the most sought after techniques in Europe. This technique practically means that 3-6 light weight, fine extensions are applied to each natural eyelash. This technique requires specialist tweezers and skills. It feels silky and light.

This technique is recommended to experienced stylist.

Eyelash lifting

Beside the application of eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting has also become a desired and sought after technique. It differs from the original eyelash curling technique. The Best Lash Pro Lifting System does not only result in curled lashes, but the effect lasts for 6-8 weeks. It is recommended to customers who are not keen on the traditional methods of eyelash extension, but would like to enjoy full lashes and still use mascara.

Our specialist Best Lash Pro Lifting System may just be the product you need in your salon!
Cost effective and a guaranteed investment.

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