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Best Lashes Professional is the largest company in the field of eyelash extension and lifting with the widest range of products.

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We offer a large variety of products catered towards salon professionals and beauticians who seek to provide the highest quality eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting and eyebrow building to their clients. Embark on a journey through our web shop to discover the professionally recognised, high quality lash products we have to offer to our global audience.

The Advantages of our International Network

Best Lashes Professional work in strong partnership with a number of distribution companies in various European countries, and are on track to expand our presence worldwide. We place great emphasis on providing a wide range of high-quality lash products to our partners at the most favourable prices possible and take active part in the development of our range.

Our extensive range of products have been improved in partnership with the manufacturers to guarantee the highest quality standards, as well as forming partnerships with trusted manufacturers, who we now work with in producing our premium and high quality adhesive to apply the lashes.

The professional high-quality products of Best Lashes Professional guarantee excellence and high standard lashes for any occasion. We place special emphasis on procuring the best eyelash glue types and glue sets so that our customers can have continuous access to high-quality products.

The BEST LASHES Pro team

Why is our team strong and what are our main principles?

We work together, we are driven by a common goal, but it’s not only these things that make us a Team, it’s also the values that we all represent. The most important of them is humility. We know where we came from and we do our work accordingly. In addition to the professional excellence, all our team members have to fit in our set of values as a person too. The respect we have for each other and our students is so important to us, we would like to boost self-confidence instead of decreasing it. We welcome our students to ask questions at the training classes, as we are there to give constructive and honest answers, it is important for us that our students trust us and feel that we are there for them at any given time.


Budapest, Hungary

Founder And Owner Of Best Lashes Professional, master eyelash stylist, international professional trainer, international jury member, speaker on conferences

Renata was first introduced to eyelash extensions as a professional ten years ago, and it was love at first sight. Her love of travelling led her to realise the popularity and increasing demand there is for eyelash extensions globally, and that there are many great success stories among beauty professionals in the industry today. During her frequent travels she received inspiration from successful eyelash stylists abroad, so after completing different trainings she decided to move to London to follow her dreams and launch her own business. Her precise, maximalist approach motivated her to continuously train herself and participate in courses besides work.

After her successes in London, she continued her career in Malta, where she built a well-functioning enterprise in just one year. That was the time when the idea of her so far biggest project came up, which was eventually realized in 2014: Best Lashes Professional (at the time called Best Lashes and Brows).

The Birth of Best Lashes Pro

Renáta returned to London where she completed a professional training course and founded Best Lashes Professional. Right from the beginning, she felt that her mission was to search for the best manufacturers, sparing no time and energy, while maintaining the favorable prices.

As international presence is a priority for the company, it has participated twice in one of the largest professional exhibitions in Europe, the London Professional Beauty Exhibition.

Training is One of the Main Pillars of Our Business

For those who wish to become eyelash stylists, it is important to get familiar with the business and human side of the profession in addition to eyelash sculpting. Renata has gained some invaluable experience and skills in both the domestic and international lash market. Thanks to her humble approach and love of the profession, her knowledge and lash expertise has enabled colleagues, businesses and followers of Best Lashes Professional alike to join her and see the complete picture and vision for impressive lashes around the world, allowing them to reap guaranteed success in their individual businesses and future work.

“A real master nurtures no pupils, only other masters.”
Robert Schumann

The Best Lashes Pro trainers

The Best Brows Pro trainers

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