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Best Lashes Professional provides the largest product range in eyelash extension and lifting, and Best Brows Professional adds a stylish innovation to the eyebrow styling world.

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Our company is based in Hungary, but we ship products worldwide through our webshop (in Hungarian and English). We also offer training in several European countries, such as Slovakia and Austria.

Our primary goal is to provide our partners with a wide range of high quality products at the best possible price. We are also actively involved in the development of our products. In addition to developing our own product formulations, we work closely with our manufacturing partners.

We pay special attention to the sourcing of all our raw materials to ensure our customers have access to high quality products and tools. Professional products from Best Lashes Pro and Best Brows Pro guarantee that you are able to offer your clients high quality service.


Our highly trained Best Lashes Pro and Best Brows Pro instructors have many years professional and teaching experience. Our training is uniquely structured, providing the best opportunity for your success!

Why Choose our Training?

  • Our practical structured, small group training allows us to focus on each individual.
  • All our training is conducted by an experienced international master stylist instructor.
  • We support your development and success through our quality, professional product line.
  • You can shop in our store with 10% discount on the day of your training


Why is our team strong and what are our main values?

We work together and we share a common goal, but not only do these make us a team, it’s also the values that we share.

The most important of these is humility. We know where we have come from and we work accordingly. In addition to professional excellence, all our team members are expected to fit our values system. Our primary focus is respect for each other and our students. We want to boost self-confidence all round. It is important to us that our students feel free to ask questions, as we are there to give constructive and honest guidance. We want our students to trust us and feel that we are there for them.



Renata, co-founder of Best Lashes Pro, was first introduced to eyelash extensions 10 years ago. Inspired by successful eyelash stylists abroad during her frequent travels, she moved to London where she began her career after completing various training courses. Her precise, focussed approach motivated her to continuously improve her knowledge and training. Her ambition did not go unrecognised; within a short time, she became a renowned master eyelash stylist and later became an international trainer.

After her success in London, Renata continued her career in Malta, where she built a successful business within a year. This was the point at which she realised her biggest dream, which was eventually launched in 2014: Best Lashes Professional (then known as Best Lashes and Brows).

Birth of Best Lashes Pro

Renata returned to London, where she completed a professional training course and founded Best Lashes Professional, formerly known as Best Lashes & Brows. Right from the beginning, her goal was to search for the best manufacturers, while maintaining the best prices.

As international presence is a company priority, it has participated twice in one of the largest professional exhibitions in Europe, the London Professional Beauty Exhibition.

Best Lashes Pro is a recognised brand amongst professional eyelash stylists. The products have proven to be of reliable, high quality both in local and interntional eyelash extension and lifting arenas.

The Birth of Best Brows Professional

Renáta, seeking new challenges and opportunities, is set to enter the world of eyebrow styling in 2019 with Best Brows Professional henna eyebrow tinting and eyebrow styling. The product range has been formulated with the help of international and Hungarian developers, and built on decades of experience and expertise in the industry.

“Eyebrow styling is one of the fastest growing cosmetic trends, and it is gaining ground in Hungary. Henna tinting and styling is already gaining tremendous popularity abroad. My goal is to provide Hungarian make-up artists, cosmetologists and beauty consultants with international quality products. ” – Renáta Fodor-Csuti

Training is one of the main pillars of our business

For those who wish to become future eyelash and / or eyebrow stylists, it is important to understand the business and human side of the profession. Renáta has gained invaluable experience and skills in both local and international markets. Thanks to her humble approach and love of the industry, Renata’s knowledge and experise has enabled students to have a good understanding of the industry and guarantee their success for future careers.

“A real master nurtures no pupils, only other masters.”
Robert Schumann

The Best Lashes Pro trainers

Alexandra Simon

Best Lashes Pro trainer, award-winning eyelash stylist, competition judge
– Budapest, Hungary –

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Anna Toldi

Best Lashes Pro trainer, award-winning eyelash stylist
– Budapest, Hungary –

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Renáta Molnár

Best Lashes Pro trainer, eyelash stylist
– Szeged, Hungary –

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Anita Bartal-Magyar

Best Lashes Pro trainer, eyelash stylist
– Sopron, Hungary –

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